Friday, May 21, 2010

People who write nice things about us...

"I think the Patchwork collective did a really excellent job all-around. The members are all equally excited about what they are doing, and it seems the personality of the group shows through in the zine. The project is original and ambitious. The interviews set against the poetry, doodles, recipes, and photography looks really legit. The inclusion of the CD is sweet and a great way to keep people interested and wanting the next issue. I noticed the cover is pretty conservative compared to the rest of the images shown. It would make anyone want to pick it up and look out of curiosity. Overall, the presentation was informative and friendly, and the zine looks nice."

"I was particularly interested in the Patchwork collective's zine. I like that it was a project that focused on diversity through mediums which some may or may not consider art. It not only included what would be considered "fine art" but also a taste of different interests of each individual (recipes, crafts, etc.). In particular I like the fact that they created a compilation disc of local Milwaukee musicians. I believe music as well as visual art are both very strong communication devices which have the power to transcend language barriers, etc. and the fact that a compilation was included speaks of this relationship. In addition, the compilation also reflects the zine as a diverse collection of works representing some of what this city has to offer."

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